The Theme Of Failure In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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John Steinbeck wrote a novel called of Mice and Men 3 characters (George, Curleys wife and Crooks)are involved to prove
The theme of failure of the american dream.They all have something they want to achieve by either escaping from something or doing something but they all fail to do so. First John Steinbeck uses George, George came from a small town called Weed with his mentally impaired friend Lennie who is large and massive and looks like a normal person but has the mind of a child,so George looks out for Lennie since he can 't do it on his own. They ran away from Weed to get away from the trouble that was caused by Lennie when he “accidentally” scared a woman by grabbing and feeling on her soft red dress. Lennie has an obsession with soft things.George is tiny compared to Lennie but is really smart he has a dream that their gonna own their own ranch and live happily ever after and have some cows, chickens, and rabbits to tend Lennie is very excited about the rabbits .”we 're gonna have a little place( John Steinbeck 105) George promises Lennie.

Sadly that doesn 't happen because Lennie got into some more trouble by killing the bosses sons wife just by not understanding his strength, when the workers find her body lying in the hay inside of the barn
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Lennie sees a light in his room so he goes in their Crooks ask why is he in his room and what does he want? Lennie tells him he thought he could just come in because he say the
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