The Role Of Failure In Life

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“Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently”

Many people think failure as a hurdle or as a bad thing to happen in life. But, I strongly believe that it is equally necessary as success. Well, it is a universal truth that every human being faces the failure at least once in their life. The only difference is that some succeed after encountering the failure as they learn from it; whereas, some falls into despair and gives up. In fact, in a society where value is given to the competition and winning prizes, failure is taken as an obstacle, negative trait and a blocking brick to the way forward.
However, I opine that the best way to measure or count the height of success or the progress occurring in one’s life is to have the track of failure as well. Failure in any way is a mode which if one take in anoptimistic way then it teaches you to try again and again until one reaches
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It always makes me aspire for more and better as I have always seen it as a tool to recognize my limitations and short comings.When failure comes then in spite of diminishing yourself asks the questions to analyze the reason of failure. Only this questioning can make you to try it again more intelligently. It can be said that failure is the key ingredient in one’s success story. It means only those person can be the champion who survived the fatal effects of failure.

Here, I remember an enlightening story of a frog and stork bird. Once the stork comes at the river bank looking for food and catches frog in its beak. But the frog, in spite of giving up to the bird tries to save his life by holding the neck of stork as firmly as he can. Both the frog and the stork struggles and ultimately stork freed the frog. Thus, the determination of the frog till the end saved his life. In the same way if you move ahead in your life with strong will and determination and “Never ever give-up” even at the time of failures success will be
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