Failures In Dogs Case Study

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Understanding Renal Failures in Dogs and How to Deal with It

Just like in humans, dogs’ kidneys perform the vital function of cleansing the body of harmful toxins. Any problems with the kidneys can lead to renal failures in dogs, which remains to be a serious and often fatal illness despite the various treatment advancements recently developed. With around 60% of dogs and cats dying or getting humanely euthanized because of kidney failure, it is highly important that pet owners are aware of this health problem so that preventive measures can be taken or early supportive care can be provided when symptoms manifest.

How Crucial Is a Dog’s Kidney?

Not only is a canine’s kidney responsible for managing the removal of toxins in the body, it also
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• Formation of pale mucous membranes on the gums – occurs because of decreased red blood cells
• Dehydration – the constant urination might lead to this
• Subcutaneous Edema – with the kidney failing, fluids may accumulate in the legs area which would then lead to swelling
• Ascites – instead of in the legs area, fluid may accumulate in the abdomen and enlarge it
• High blood pressure – as mentioned, the kidney regulates blood pressure and any problem with the organ will certainly throw a wrench into that process.
• Loss of sight – may happen as a complication of renal failure and high blood pressure
• Shedding of fur or hair coat loosing luster
• Blood in urine

As you can see, renal failure in dogs is a very serious matter. Any or a combination of these symptoms should not be ignored or pushed for later. Before more complications arise, schedule a consultation with your vet right away.

What Are the Causes of Renal or Kidney Failure in
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