Fair People Research Paper

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I agree with the idea no one person is the same, if we were to be the same, mentality wise, then everyone would just be like any other person. The argument, in my opinion, stands true, anyone can say they are a "good person" and demand the fair treatment of everyone but no one can truly know who 's a good person or not. The larger issue at hand here is that the fair people are treated unfairly, the unfair people see the fair people as those who can be used with no repercussions because they know well the fair people won 't retaliate or speak up.

Granted, everyone is different and that 's what diversifies and separates people, some people may perceive the unfair people as fair and vice versa, which is where we run into the issue of who 's in the right and who has the say in what 's right and wrong. To say that one person 's way of treating someone is right is opinionated and most of the time incorrect. Everybody wants to be treated fairly and just, it 's human nature and common sense, some humans treat animals better than humans, it 's even said that most people prefer having pets then roommates or
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To conclude, treating humans like actual humans whether they are fair or not should be natural, no matter who they are or what they believe in humans should be treated as what they are, actual people who have feelings and emotions. Even if the person is labeled as unfair or fair, deep down they are human and not some animal or inanimate object that one can have little to no regard. All in all, I agree wholly with the idea, everyone should be treated fairly no matter if they are labeled as fair or
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