Black Gold Case Study

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flawed. Why? Because it is run by humans. Humans are selfish, inconsiderate, and insatiable. Some of the humans in the industry are so selfish that they will discourage a fair trading system, while other humans' selfishness is the only thing keeping their families alive. Many people want to know what they can do. For most, the popular choice is to only purchase Fair Trade Certified Coffee. I think that's a great plan; however, you need to be educated about what you are buying. For instance, in 2005, the average NYSE trading price for a pound of green coffee was $1.20. Fair Trade Certified coffee went for $1.26. Starbucks' average price paid on the market was $1.28. Does that mean they paid $1.28 everywhere in the world for each pound of coffee…show more content…
We're by the sea in Qatar on the set of the forthcoming epic historical adventure Black Gold, and just a few metres from the parched soldiers stands a mass of cameramen, make-up artists, lighting specialists and other crew members. Thankfully, the dead camels are of the rubber variety. Set in the 1930s, Black Gold is the adaptation of Hans Ruesch's 1957 novel The Great Thirst, and tells a fictitious story of the Arab peninsula just as oil is being found. In it, a dynamic young Arab prince finds his allegiance torn between two rival Emirs, one his conservative father and the other his modern, more liberal father-in-law. The result is a heroic adventure, with mighty battles, romance and expeditions across the sand dunes. With a US$55 million (Dh202m) budget, and an impressive line-up of international stars, Black Gold, shot in Qatar and Tunisia, is being billed as an Arabian…show more content…
In front of the camera, Antonio Banderas and Mark Strong play the two Emirs, while Freida Pinto portrays the princess. The lead role of Prince Auda goes to the rising star Tahar Rahim, the French-Algerian actor who was propelled into the limelight by his performance in Jacques Audiard's award-winning 2009 film Un Prophèt. "It was important to have the lead character as an Arab," says Ali Jaffar, the executive head of Quinta Communications' independent film division, which is co-producing Black Gold in tandem with the Doha Film Institute. "It's time that we had Arab heroes and here's a film that has Arabs showing bravery and
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