Fair Trade Coffee Case Study

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Article name: Fair Trade Coffee: The Mainstream Debate
According to the article, Fair Trade could mean coffee growers will be supported by farming communities. Consumers can also ensure that when they spend money for a cup of Fair Trade coffee, it will make a benefit for all those who get involved in a coffee production chain. On the other hand, consumers may perceive that they are helping the growers but there is no certain information that how much the farmers will get paid or make a profit (Locke, Reavis, & Cameron, 2017).
I am interested in this article because it happens in daily life. I don’t drink coffee but many people I know drink coffee everyday but they never concern about the fair trade. While Starbucks try to promote that they
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Strength and Opportunity will represent for positive value and Weakness and Threat will represent for negative value. As a result, internal environment has -1 on weakness and external environment has zero. The evaluation of SWOT tells:
• There is no significant impact from external environment to Fair Trade coffee due to the trend of consumer behavior will be swopped between type of coffee; Robusta and Arabica.
• There is a significant impact from internal environment to Fair Trade coffee as in shown in weakness analysis for -1 that the coffee chain is too long and it causes growers to get paid only 10% and they also have no bargaining power.
• In summary, Fair Trade coffee is a good start to help the coffee growers to get paid fairly but may not good enough to leverage and gain more bargaining power from coffee traders.
PEST, in order to evaluate, each factor will be weighted in low, medium and high. As a result, Socio-cultural is low and Political and Economic are high and Technological is
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What if Brazil has a co-creation idea to promote Fair Trade coffee awareness with Kit Kat to produce a Brazilian coffee flavor that people could buy at the airport or anywhere as a souvenir. Japan is a good example that the government supports the agriculture product of each province with the co-creation idea by using Kit Kat. Later, this idea became famous and many tourists would like to go to Japan and buy many kinds of Kit Kat. As a consequence, not only local farmer will get paid well also, Japan will get a lot of cash flow from travelling campaign (“Kit Kat,”

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