Fairmont Heights Honor Code

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Fairmont Heights has had a long history filled with many questionable decisions and people making those decisions. An honor code is put into place to better build the integrity of people and the school they attend. And by making Fairmont Heights have an honor code would be the biggest waste of time the school would ever think of doing. Honor codes belong at already established schools that are better than Fairmont and will always be. The main reason an honor code would be foolish to instill in the minds of the student body would be due to the fact that Fairmont Height students have about as much integrity as Benedict Arnold. Students cannot be trusted when it comes to their work and it definitely can 't be trusted when it comes to honoring a code that is dependent on students having the discipline and integrity to uphold it. I see having an Honor Code as just another wall that students would eventually tear down and bury in their dus on the way to what they …show more content…

Most teachers have great relationships with their students and want them to succeed. Some students struggle and end up cheating. Having an Honor Code would destroy these resected student-teacher relationships non existent due to the fact that students would have to tell on other students. The balance that had been established would be destroyed and could never be recovered. Having an Honor Code will fracture the trust that students have with teachers. Would the honor Code really be worth all the examples of division among student body and faculty that I talked about. The answer is No, it wouldn’t be, because Fairmont Heights need a balance and it has it. Students keep to themselves and let other students do their own thing and deal with their own problems. The balance is key to the continuation of Fairmont Heights social order and without it, things would be much worse in the the eyes of students like

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