Student Athletes: No Pass No Play Rule

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Fairness, the idea of having impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination. In 1984, a specific law, named “No Pass, No Play” rule had been passed, which contrasts the idea of fairness. This rule ensures that students who lack passing grades will lose their spot on their school team. Since this rule is in play, more students will feel they should cheat more in order to pass, along with this, more kids will become obese considering they may not be on outside teams. Finally, these student athletes, who do spend time focusing in school maybe only taking one hard class, (and maybe failing) but will still not be on the team, which does not represent fairness.

One reason why students should not be required to have
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Many kids with failing grades that really want to play a sport might cheat on tests or quizzes in class to bump up their grade since having an academic disadvantage, according to, “In this study, youths that experienced these types of sanctions withdrew from the sport, became bitter, and resented the actions of the coach but rarely mentioned any positive development from it. In fact, many mentioned the very opposite, such as learning to cheat the system or becoming distrusting of adults.” This shows that many kids are trying to cheat the system in school to pass; a majority of these kids are trying to cheat in many different ways in school to simply to pass a class just to play sports which is one of many reasons why we shouldn 't have a “No pass no play” rule. A survey from the Expert 21 states that “The Joseph Institute of Ethics conducted a survey on classroom cheating in 2006 and 2007. It was given to 5,275 high school students across the USA. The results show that 65 highschool students cheated . With the non athletes 60 cheat” (Project Fact File 161). This shows that Athletes cheat more so they don 't fail the class. Therefore if there wasn’t a “No pass no play” rule Athletes wouldn’t cheat as much. Some may differ and think that the reason why kids cheat is that of all the…show more content…
Many kids in the USA are overweight or obese due to lack of exercise or sports which must change for the health of the kids. The website “” states “Teenagers can significantly lower their likelihood of being overweight or obese by walking or biking to school and playing on at least one high school sports team, but preferably two or more, a new study suggests.” This shows that having the exercise from school sports could keep you more active and have you be less or not obese. Also, the source stated that you should do at least 1-2 school sports to avoid being overweight or obese especially if your busy outside of school and can’t exercise, from Healthland.time, they found that being obese could put at more risk at heart attacks, “Of course, in the U.S. too, there are signs of early heart-disease development among overweight young people. A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that, just as in the Netherlands, roughly two-thirds of obese U.S. teens have at least one cardiovascular risk factor. More alarmingly, that study found that among all U.S. teens, even those who are not currently overweight, roughly one quarter have diabetes or pre-diabetes.” This shows that kids who don 't play sports are more likely to be obese, and are at more risk of being diagnosed with different types of diseases, as well as
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