Fairprice Organisational Structure

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Executive Summary
Having the most appropriate organisation structure and process of management is very important for orgainsations to excel in their performance.
FairPrice have make use of a few organisational structure format namely the functional structure and divisional structure to come up with their organisational structure.
The most suitable process of management for FairPrice is socio-technological approach as this organisation main challenges is to maintain a low cost of production , attract and retain its consumers and employees. To overcome these challenges, FairPrice management not only look into the needs their employees by creating a sense of belonging and loyalty through various activities but also introduce new technologies
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Over the years, they have expanded from one supermarkets to an assortment of different retail store formats with over 120 store island wide which include FairPrice supermarket, hypermarket, finest market and up to 160 outlets of convenience store comprises of FairPrice Xpress (store located in petrol kiosks) and Cheers (Figure 1.1 and figure 1.2) to accommodate to the various market segment they have identified.
Being one of the largest retailer in Singapore with its main competitor Dairy Farm operating hyper market - Giant and finer supermarket -cold storage (Dairy Farm International 2016, Our businesses), NTUC FairPrice Ltd are in an oligopoly market structure where there are few big organsations sharing a huge market shares.
FairPrice Supermarket, FairPriceXtra (Hypermarket and FairPrice Finest) provide the commodities for household. These products vary from groceries, fresh food, and beverages to toiletries.
Organisation Structure
Organisation structure is a very important aspect for every small or big organisations. It gave a clear indication on the distribution of different jobs within the organisation and co-ordinate the activities within the organisation in order to achieve the goals and objective of the
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67), the system approach is an integration of both the classical and human relations approach. within the system approach, the socio-technical system is the most relevant towards FairPrice process of management. The socio-technical system is concern with the interrelation of both the needs of the human relation and the technological aspect within the orgainsation.
Nurturing a cohesive working environment within the orgainsation allow the employees to have a sense of belonging and loyalty towards their department and ultimately towards the organisation. Recognition to employees comes in different forms such as long service awards and "Best Employee" of the month award. Department also organisation team bonding session such as birthday celebrations and barbeque party. One personal touch by Mr. Seah Kian Peng CEO of FairPrice, is that he will walk around the office to personally congratulate his employees on their promotion. (Figure 1.6, K. P. Seah, Facebook page 19 Apr
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