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3.2 Reasons of celebrating fairs and festivals Earlier mentioned that,in Solapur district there are many fairs and festivals for every season and every for reasons. Many fairs and festivals celebrate the various harvest, commemorate great historical figures and events while many express devotion to the deities of different religion. Some celebrations are specific to certain villages,areas.Some are celebrated by different sects and communities. This gives fairs and festivals their own flavour.Every fair and festival has it’s own purpose.such as religious purpose,social purpose, entertaining purpose and national integration purpose etc.
1.Religious Purpose:- We celebrate fairs and festivals just to make our life enjoyable and have fun. But there is also a religious reason behind all the fairs and festivals. Some people celebrate only to have fun, and others want to give respect to their religious god or to pay attention towards their god. There are number of festivals which are celebrated only religious purpose. Such as Ram Navami ,Shri Krishna Janamashatmi, Hanuman Jaynti etc. are celebrated for express devotion to the deities.We celebrate festivals to have fun and be happy in remembrance of because of who the fairs and festivals are celebrated that is our God the father. Festivals are mostly based on incidents which happened long ago mostly in
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India is a country of culture, tradition, nature, heritage. We have a lot of fairs and festivals which shows the integrity among the people. The basic idea behind celebrating festivals is togetherness. People in India always love to be together. This is because they respect each other! While celebrating festivals we get together and we forget all our worries, our work burdens and are all left only with joy! This also gives an opportunity to get the blessings of elderly people and its the time to express our gratitude towards them and at the same time we never forget our ALMIGHTY GOD who is always with us and guiding

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