Fairtrade: The Pros And Cons Of Fair Trade

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Introduction to development. Student Name: Eamonn Byrne Student Number: 14501163 Essay Title: “Fair Trade has become increasingly popular in recent years. While it has merits in drawing attention to an unjust global trading system as well as bringing a better price to primary producers, some commentators are critical of the Fair Trade movement, arguing that it equates activism with consumerism and depoliticises development. Discuss both the merits and the criticisms of the Fair Trade movement.” Throughout this essay I will analyse the pros and cons of Fair Trade, to achieve this I will use points from Fair Trade critiques and other readings. In order to this it is important to understand just what is Fairtrade and what is its goals? For…show more content…
It certainly has made awareness of the unjust global trading system and getting primary producers a better price for their goods which according to Fairtrade leads to it been re invested in healthcare, processing facilities, farm improvements and education which can only be a good thing for the development of a 3rd world country, Fairtrade brings with a standard for all its members, standards in product quality, safety regulations and environmental protection. (Decarlo, 2007) Fair trade gives somewhat of a voice to Fairtrade producers which is a big merit as many people in developing have no voice and no assurance about their future, Small farmer are a part of a democratic structure and transparent administration, these workers are allowed to have representatives on a committee that decides on the use of the Fairtrade Premium. (Fairtrade) However Fairtrade does have it critiques, Phillip Booth is one, he outlines how Fairtrade producers are still using methods which long gone in the developed world and that Fairtrade need to start addressing the issue of mechanisation and industrialisation in these developing countries, Fairtrade producers are mostly doing their work by hand which is extremely hard work, industrialisation is what set developed and developing countries, Developed countries have the means to produce goods efficiently without the back breaking work. (Booth, 2009) The unequal distribution within Fairtrade is also a major criticism, as we see a huge gap between the likes of Africa and Asia again Latin America, Latin America are the biggest success in terms of Fairtrade, partly due to Mexico been the first country to benefit from Fairtrade but also because the Fairtrade certification cost a lot less for Latin American countries and its their products which are hitting the global market long before the likes of Africa and Asia, the unequal

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