Fairies In Tomorrowland Analysis

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Moreover any deformity in the child was also blamed on fairies. Along pinching, this abduction was a part of fairy punishment, which was given to careless parents as Keith Thomas mentions that fairies were “predatory and might swoop down to snatch an unguarded infant child, leaving a changeling in his place. They might also nip, pinch or otherwise torment a careless housewife or untidy servant maid” (610). Shakespeare has also altered the perception of this abduction. Titania has stolen a boy from the Indian king as Puck mentions “she as her attendant hath / A lovely boy, stolen from an Indian king / She never had so sweet a changeling” (Act 2, Scene 1). She indeed have a changeling but she has not been presented as a devilish fairy rather she has been presented as a fairy queen who protects…show more content…
She even argues with Oberon on India’s behalf. She says (Act 1, Scene 1). Will of the wisp was another fairy punishment. The man who lost his way on the road thought to be astray by the will of the wisp. “Fairies often mislead wanderers and sometimes strike them or wound them with fairy weapons” (Green 67) Fairies were a source of supernatural power since they have an ability to foresee the future so many people, especially magicians of the Elizabethan times “contained instruction for conjuring them up in order to learn a variety of occult secrets” (Thomas 609). Even the name Oberon, who is presented as a fairy king in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, was a name of a devil “The name Oberon or Oberion was borne by a demon who had been frequently conjured by fifteenth and sixteenth century wizards” (Thomas 609). Shakespeare has altered the perspective of considering Oberon as a devil, he has revived the early medieval tradition here in which Oberon was a fairy king. Another fairy that Shakespeare introduced in his play is Robin Goodfellow. One interesting thing to note is that Robin Goodfellow was not a fairy at all. Latham says “He was no fairy, if the

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