Fairy Shoes Made By Leather Case Study

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Fairy shoes made by leather: A case study of shoe business Introduction: Neha is an ambitious girl. She belongs to a poor family. In childhood she was dreamed to made and wear fairy shoes as she read in fairy tales. She was fond of study, she always got position in the class . Sometimes she goes to school in plain slippers because she buys shoes but she didn 't feel any comfort in it. She wants a good quality leather shoes, but she can 't afford it. As she grown up her dream of making shoes become more stronger. Neha got scholarships and done her masters in Business Administration, after her studies she got training in women entrepreneurship development program from UNIDO. She done some more training on capacity building and done some practical work as a project with the collaboration of first women bank and UNIDO in Islamabad. After the successful trial period of the business project she decided to start a “Branded Leather Shoes Business” of her own. Then a biggest problem arose for her, that was of finances for the business. She arranged money by giving training 's and working with some famous shoes manufacturing companies. One day she met her university mates at Centaurs after a long period. They sat in a cafe, enjoyed coffee with brownies and discussed about their future plans. One of her friend told Neha to start shoe business collectively. She agreed and conducted research on shoe trends among people of Pakistan. After facing a hard time they arranged some initial

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