Fairy Tale Analysis

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Fairy tales are very powerful stories that have been told to many generations. These are different forms of stories that hold messages for their audiences. These messages are expressed through the various characters in the fairy tales and the techniques used by the author have to portray these messages and re-enforce the importance of them to the audience. In this essay, I will be critically examining a fairy tale of my choice. I will be identifying the similarities and distinguishing the differences between two versions of the fairy tale. I will be discussing the intended audience and the leading theme of one fairy tale in particular. The fairy tale that I will be exploring and evaluating will be Rapunzel.
This fairy tale was originally written
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This version is an animated film production carried out by Walt Disney Studios. This version is a more modern take on the original fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers. However, when the relationship between the enchantress and Rapunzel is studied, it is evident that there are differences in this element of the story. In the film, Rapunzel parents are the Royal King and Queen, therefore Rapunzel is a princess. The biological mother of Rapunzel falls ill during pregnancy, in order to restore her health it is imperative that receives the magical plant that is Rapunzel. The enchantress holds this plant in order to remain young but when the Queen acquires the plant and regains health, the enchantress becomes ultimately infuriated. To gain revenge the enchantress who is referred to as ‘Mother Gothel’ kidnaps Rapunzel from her parents in order to remain youthful and avoid the aging process. Looking closely at both of these events, some features are similar while others have distinct contrasts. The Grimm Brothers tale bases the story on how the parents give away their child in exchange for the Rapunzel plant, while the contemporary Disney tale bases the plot on the kidnapping of the child by the enchantress. This gives the audience a contrasting perspective of the enchantress in each of the…show more content…
This is a motif that is evident in both versions of the tales, it portrays the enchantress as a cunning and selfish woman, who wishes to make Rapunzel’s life miserable and lonely. In each case, Rapunzel is forced to live in a tower in solitary, isolated from a life of normality. In Grimm Brothers version, at the age of twelve, the child is confined and locked in a tower by the enchantress. This is to prevent the world from being able to wonder at Rapunzel’s beauty. She is also placed in the tower as it is the start of Rapunzel’s sexual maturity; she starts to grow into a young woman. Therefore, the enchantress refuses to allow Rapunzel to engage in any contact with the opposite sex. Rapunzel is put into a tower in the animated tale ‘Tangled’ with no stairs to ensure she cannot escape from Mother Gothel and interact with the wider
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