Narrative Essay On Animal Farm

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GILBERT ‘S GRANDPARENTS FARM Finally after some hours and pass several Germans checkpoints, we arrived at the farm of Gilbert grandparents, which was near Orleans There we get out of the hiding place in the back of the truck and Gilbert and his grandparents received us as the cousins who came from Paris to spend the summer vacation with them. Gilbert grandmother Gave us to eat and she prepared a room for the three of us, because Leah did not want to be separated from me and from her doll Tete she was tired and asked several times about mom and grandpa, finally she fell asleep. And I also did. The farm had a huge hen-house. Also they were geese and a place with several closures for the rabbits, also were the sheep and their calves, several cows which were milked every morning to have fresh milk, two draft (PLOW) horses, three dogs, several large cats and very big pigs with 12 newborns piglets . Not far from the house there was a…show more content…
For my sister, helping grandmother with the small animals and within her games and fantasies, also introducing to the dogs and cats from the farm her doll Tete saying that Tete was a lady from Paris. She was happy in his games and in his innocence. One day on our walks in the woods accompanied by Gilbert‘s grandfather he was approached by a man who spent some time talking with him, he looked like a lumberjack he seemed to the loggers who visited the farm, In this moment I had a feeling that the day of our departure from the farm was not far away. Indeed we were in late August and Gilbert would have to return to Paris to return to school in September and we also had to continue our journey to Switzerland, but first we had to pass the demarcation line and as far as I understood Gilbert's grandfather with the help of a lumberjack had already arranged the
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