Fairy Tale Map Lapbook

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Introduction We will have a short discussion about why maps are important in our everyday lives. I will pass out the My Fairy Tale Map Lapbook. I will read page 4 and 5 in the book Follow That Map! Each time that I read one of the definitions in the book, we will stop and create a kid friendly definition. The students will then place that definition under the flap that corresponds with the vocabulary word. I will continue this process until all of the vocabulary word flaps have definitions. Active Engagement I will then turn the students’ attention to the middle section of their lapbook. We will be creating a map for the fairy tale stories that we have been writing. I will use the class one to demonstrate. I will think out loud about what my story is about and then I will decide on a title.…show more content…
I will then flip up that piece of paper and explain to the students that they will be creating a map for their fairy tale story. I will have some of my map completed and I will explain the symbols that I used and why I put things where they are. I will then ask for the students help to continue to add onto my

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