Fairy Tale Reflection

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Fairy tales seem to be a broad array of perceptions or views. If I were to introspect to settle for one ideal opinion on fairy tales, I probably would fail. Amidst the varied opinions of worldwide scholars, authors, and other writing professionals, I don 't know which argument I would side. But I do know, that I have learned that fairy tales is not a single entity but a heterogeneous collection of thoughts. When I hear the word fairy tale today, I think of many ideas or notions, not just one such as magic. Therefore, because of this course, I have an insight into fairy tales. Through the course, we have seen fairy tales from different angles or aspects and those have revealed ample of things which we have pondered upon. Each of the 10 weeks…show more content…
The RIP Project is my favorite assignment of all the assignments we did this quarter. It was very different in the sense that we have to make use of our knowledge from the previous weeks and construct a genre which would somehow relate back to a fairy tale. It was challenging at first, but once the ideas started forming, it got interesting. In today’s age, media plays a huge role in molding our perspectives and with the continued importance of beauty of women I thought it would be interesting to link the two and bring out how a single poster can create a huge reaction with the catalyst being media. This could have been achieved with various genres, but I chose a newspaper article, in the perspectives section as I think that a newspaper article creates a greater impact on the audience by making them aware. This project required a lot of research and I found several model texts which greatly aided me in writing my article. In addition to the write up, achieving the format of a NEW U article under the perspectives section was challenging in its own way as it had to look like an actual or real article. But, in the end, everything turned out to be good and the research really helped me gain a lot of knowledge about newspapers and the role of social media in promoting eating disorders like anorexia. I became aware of how intensely the growth of anorexia is affecting women especially young girls. I linked this to the fairy tales of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White which focus greatly on the beauty of women. The various articles written about these fairy tales helped me gain different perspectives. Some of the articles addressed what is wrong with Cinderella or are Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella the fairest of all? The research was intense and very useful in forming my ideas. Reading a lot of articles and views helped me form my poster and article. So, this assignment not only helped me for this course

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