The Role Of Villains In Fairy Tales

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Once upon a time, all of the fairy tale stories ended… wait let's backtrack. Not all of the stories ended, and not all of them ended the way you were told. You were probably told that they all had happy endings in which the villain dies and the hero is victorious, but that is not true. Your parents told you those adaptations because you were probably little and they did not want you to be scared, and have terrifying nightmares. The good thing about what they did, is that they made them less gruesome. That is why I'm here, to tell you the correct version... If you can handle it. The Wolf, yes that Big Bad wolf, had just escaped the Three Little Pigs. Earlier that week he had to escape Not So Little Red Riding Hood and her gang, if you could even call it that. Red was the biggest and baddest around. She had tattoos and a pack of cigarettes in her pocket. Her motorcycle had…show more content…
She ended up just like the others. Then Cinderbella turned to the wolf. She had a look in her eye, a look they he had not seen anywhere else. Not in the Pigs or in Little Red’s gang. She was insane and now he knew it. “You are a lout. You couldn’t even figure out that I was playing you to get out of here. If you really must know, before I kill you, Cinderbella isn’t even my name. Its Madame Facilier. I’ve been trying to get out and kill them all for years. Now once I kill you I will go ahead and cook you all and eat you. Then I will find more suckers to come so I can kill them.” She headed towards him with the piece of wood in her hand. That is when the wolf snapped. His rage grew and grew. He couldn’t contain it anymore. He let out a loud howl and raced towards Madame Facilier. He opened his jaw and swallowed her whole. She had put up a fight but he did it. He sat on the floor against the wall. Blood had almost covered the entire floor. His coat was now stained
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