Fantasy And Fairy Tale Theory: A Literary Analysis

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Introduction and thesis statement This research will focus on the Fantasy and Fairy tale theory ( Nikolajeva, 2006 ) and Harry Potter and the half blooded prince book . The purpose of this paper is to analyse the book by using the Fantasy and fairy tale theory. Moreover, the analysis will also take a closer look at how Harry potter conforms to an actual fantasy protagonist.

Method and material

Fantasy and fairy tale are used in several ways to categorize a story in which the following terms are profitable,

Ontological: The branch of metaphysics that learns about the nature of existence. For instance, topics such as space, time ,cause , effect, existence and possibility could include in a metaphysical research.

Epistemological : It studies the nature of knowledge, the rationality of belief, justification and how they relate to concepts such as truth, belief and Justification.

Chronotope : Describes about how configurations of time and space are represented in language and discourse.

Defamiliarization : Means presenting familiar things as if they were unfamiliar.
Heterotopia : A multitude of discordant universes, which denotes the ambivalent and unstable spatial and temporal
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This shown in the book Harry potter and the half blooded prince, when harry potter does not avenge Dumbledore after he was killed by Snape . In the book amber spyglass there are more strange things for the reader to be aware of, the protagonist Lyra takes matters into her own hands when she decides the fates of all parallel worlds. The problem is that it is not self evident which choice is the right one , for instance outcomes such as killing a dragon , winning over an antagonist are expected from a protagonist . Both Harry potter and amber spyglass have defamiliarization, even if their stories present it
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