Fairy Tales And Gender Stereotypes Essay

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We have all stereotyped a person at one time or another. We have all asked that question about that guy who acts very feminine, and we automatically think it is because the person is gay. We are putting a label on the person without even really realizing it. From the first time that we meet a person, we judge them by their first impression they have on us. We mentally categorize them by their ethnicity, what they wear, and how they behave. There are stereotypes at DHS, and we see them almost every day. There are many different types of stereotypes. The popular kids, the athletes, the nerds and geeks, band kids, etc.. These are all part of the “individual” stereotype. Then there are stereotypes based on their ethnicity and culture. These are when people say,”All Mexicans are in the United States illegally,” or ,”All Asians are good at math”. I personally think that when people use these stereotypical judgements they are just being plain cruel because they want to find something to criticize the other person with. Then there are the “gender stereotypes”. These are the…show more content…
This is when parents show young female children that you need a male figure in your life to be happy. In the article,”Fairy tales and Gender Stereotypes”, by Samara Green, she states that she read a book about,”...women who were beaten when trying to run away from abusive marriages or simply for not conceiving a baby boy.” She explains that parents shouldn’t teach the “fairy tale theme” because it isn’t true at all; you don’t need a male figure in your life to be happy, and especially when the male figure isn’t right for you or has “problems”. This is considered a “gender stereotype” because if the parents teach their children the fairy tale theme, then they are already teaching the young girl they they can’t be independent and do things for themselves so they have to rely on other people to do that certain thing for

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