The Brothers Grimm And Fairy Tales

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Introduction Fairy Tales are stories that have generally been adopted today for children. They can be seen as an escape from our ordinary world into a world of fantasy and adventure. The Brothers Grimm were two German brothers who studied and wrote literature and stories that can be recognized by almost anyone today. Stories like Cinderella and sleeping beauty are all stories that originated from the Brothers Grimm. Fairy tales such as these involve a magical, or chivalrous setting. Kings, princes and princesses, fairies and other magical beings can typically be found inside. These kinds of stories are apart of our lives. We do not go a single day without hearing or even seeing a story. The media today is full of stories, such as movies, novels,…show more content…
Stories are fun, entertaining, and informational. They can be used to teach others, or to simply pass the time. However it is looked at, storytelling is a part of us, and it will not be leaving any time soon.

The Search I started off my journey by choosing fairy tales as my genre. I found background articles on the genre, featuring topics such as where and how did it originate, who the major writers of the time were, and how it was passed down over time. I read an article on the relationship between myths and fairy tales. In summary, myths are stories that are absolutely unique, while fairy tales can be similar, with common elements, themes and more. After looking deeper into fairy tales, I choose to narrow down my research on the Brothers Grimm. After analyzing stories such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and more from the brothers, I had a good understanding of the type of stories the brothers told. Each fairy tales can contain similar elements. These elements consist of a happy
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First of all, what are fairy tales? The book definition of a fairy tale is “a children's story about magical and imaginary beings and lands.” (Murfin). While this is true, fairy tales have not always been specified for children. The two brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are german academics who write hundreds of stories that become instantly recognizable (Bottigheimer). Household stories like Cinderella and Rapunzel come from the brothers Grimm (“Grimm's Fairy Tales”). These stories have been adapted into children's stories throughout time, however the brothers have written them with opposite intentions. Their stories are meant to be for adults, serving as an escape from their routine life, into a world with endless
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