Snow White Cinderella Vs Little Red Riding Hood

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Snow White, Cinderella,and Little Red Riding Hood are all Non fiction stories told by parents, grandparents,etc. all over the world. These stories are full of princesses, fairies, and other mythical characters you can think of. They have been told for centuries. While years ago, they were told because of family resemblance and were told from generations,now they have been misconstrued and flipped completely.As a child, I grew up with getting fairy tales read to me,and they were used to ignite imaginative dreaming and give us a little gist of what the perfect fantasy would be.But before they had a different purpose.I will give you a little insight about how Fairy Tales have been changed in order to fit society’s requirements. This will include…show more content…
Fairy Tales have been told for generations. They are classics with movies,songs,and even remakes made referring to them. Majority of these stories were made by the Grimm Brothers since 1819. These stories today are usually for innocent children,but two centuries ago they were made strictly for adults. According to Scott Meslow from The Atlantic Magazine,” From “ Rapunzel” to “Hansel and Gretel”, from “Cinderella” to “Sleeping Beauty”, and all the way up to “Little Snow White”. By contemporary standards, the Grimms’ original stories are packed with violence and sex: “The Juniper Tree” features a stepmother killing her stepson and serving him to his father for stew, and “Darling Roland” features a mother-to-daughter axe murder.” And he also said,“The Cinderella story itself is about a maiden’s virginity, represented by the glass slipper. In the story, Cinderella is the most sacred maiden in the land and it is clear she is a virgin. The shoe is too tight for any other girl except Cinderella to wear. When the stepmother breaks one of the slippers, it suggests the breaking of the hymen. The end of Cinderella’s virginity is in keeping with her marriage to the Prince, when she…show more content…
Fairy Tales from the 19th century were almost all about fairy’s until they were changed. “ Rapunzel, the fairy became a sorceress, and Briar Rose, better known as Sleeping Beauty, the fairies are changed to wise women.”(Mental Floss) Today there are several different types characters. There’s a range of princesses and princes, goblins,dwarfs, and even animals in stories now. The Grimm brothers made sure that they made their stories were censored and for children, whereas the original volumes were not. The altered stories made sure they had their own originality, which would start with changing who the actual character were. Along with the character changes the Grimm brothers also took out some of the more appropriate aspects of the stories as well.For example, in the newer story of Rapunzel she most definitely did not get pregnant. In the original story after Rapunzel meets the prince, she asks her mother “ why are my clothes becoming too tight? They don 't fit me anymore.” of course this statement is indirect to the pregnancy allegation, we have to look at the story from a different perspective. Only one who would think that this could reference something else would be completely wrong. We have to infer that Rapunzel had become impregnated by the prince during their “meetings” together.
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