Gender Inequality In Fairy Tales

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People have always had the necessity to understand and explain things that seemed out of the normal to them; that is why today we are left with myths, legends, and anecdote. But it has also been necessary for them to teach the new generations how people ought to be in real life and give them hope that the good will always prevail over the bad and the happy ending is something real. I grew up with fairy tales, listening to my mother’s story every night before going to bed about how the evil queen harmed or poisoned the flawless main character of the story. As a little kid, I enjoyed these kinds of stories, where the princess always found the way to rescue herself, how, it did not matter as long as she would have a happy ending. The more fairytales…show more content…
His assertion that scholars have to pay more attention to forgotten tales by women authors is useful, for it also explains the fact that most of the readers are acquainted with the solid version of a fairy tale and do not know other versions where women are independent and active characters. Fairy tales and the precise ideas about gender inequality they give to the audience seem to make a viable topic but the first difficulty I thought I would deal with was in finding the sources. I had accessibility to many sources, but I struggled to find variety of academic sources of these last ten years. Many other sources seemed to be useful and had many valid points but were not coherent. Even though I have background information and lots of questions about the topic, there were still doubts of whether I would take the best out of these sources. Another concern is the lack of evidence to prove the age of fairy tales, the inelastic plots and fixed places as well. This project will also dwell on making valid arguments for and against the topic based on the information collected from the sources, so that the research paper will not have a biased opinion without consulting as many different versions as
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