Faith And Faith In Night By Elie Wiesel

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“Night” by Elie Wiesel, is a true but tragic story about a kid who lived to survive the Holocaust. However, this book is less a story of the Holocaust and more a story of faith and hope. Hope and Faith was exactly what the camp prisoners needed to even have a chance of surviving the horrific obstacles thrown their way. Hope and faith gave them a reason to keep living, giving them the idea that they had a chance to make it out. This book also goes a lot deeper than just the story of the Holocaust. It explains what goes through Eliezer’s mind when he thinks about the faith he has in god. Lastly, this book shows that the loss of hope was the death of many. Hope and faith gave the prisoners a reason to keep living, giving them the idea that they have a chance to make it out. This is an example of hope being brought to the prisoners in the concentration camps: “During these last few nights, we had heard the guns in the distance” (44). When they heard the gunshots, they knew that someone was out there fighting for them. It brought them hope and gave themselves a reason to keep fighting for their lives. Throughout the book, they hear many shots being fired. When they heard the shots, they were excited. Normally, a person would be freaked out if they heard gunshots, but in this case the shots were giving them hope and encouraging them to keep…show more content…
When someone starts to lose their hope and faith. They think to themselves, “I’m just going to die anyway and I have no chance.” That is when they just give up. This quote was when Meir Katz decided to give up and that he couldn’t carry on. “ Don’t let yourself go under, my father said, trying to encourage him. You must resist. Don’t lose faith in yourself ”(63). This was just one example of a person giving up. Self doubt can be very effective. Once a person gets the unencouraging idea in their head that they can’t survive any longer, the truth usually becomes a
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