Faith-Based Foster Care Case Study

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A faith-based foster care facility focused on family values and on keeping siblings groups together while in foster care, have a strict policy on ethics and family values. An employee, who we will call, “Sara”, worked at the facility for 3 years and had great reviews and promotions. She was experiencing some marital issues that did not affect her job performance. Her husband was friends with the Executive Director and would go on fishing trips together. They are not close friends, as they meet through Sara; however, like I mentioned they would go on outings.
Infidelity and Divorce
Sara was heartbroken over a situation with her husband and her father- in-law was there for her. He was also experiencing marital problems. Sara and her father- in-law developed feelings for each other, and this resulted in an extramarital relationship. Sara told her husband what she had done and they both agreed on going to counseling. After a year of counseling, it happened again. Sara’s husband called her boss to share the unpleasant news. Sara received a text from the ED that night saying “we have to talk”. Sara was extremely upset that her husband shared with her employer and family. As a result she separated and moved out while preparing for divorce.
The Ultimatum
When Sara met with
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It is not an ideal situation for either party involved. I understand the family values and if her story becomes public knowledge it was impact the image of the organization due to the nature of whom she decided to stay in a relationship with. On the other hand, is this fair to the employee? Her decisions did not affect the quality of work, she continued to give excellence while she going through the situation. Can employers determine who one will be in a relationship with? In my opinion, it is not the employers place to judge or make employment conditional based on an employee’s personal
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