How To Write An Essay About Faith Hill's Life

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Faith Hill: An Inspiration to All
There are many great entertainers across the nation. Each one of these entertainers has something about them that makes them great in their own way. Faith Hill is a model of an ideal entertainer because of her great success as a country singer and her admirable life outside of her career.
“Faith Hill was born Audrey Faith Perry on September 21, 1967, in Jackson, Mississippi” (“Hill, Faith”). She was only a few days old when Ted and Edna Perry adopted her (Hinman 15). “Hill grew up in Star, MS” (“Faith Hill”) with her adopted family, which included two older brothers, Wesley and Steve (Hinman 15). Her love for singing began at a very early age. She started singing at the young age of three (Hinman 15). “Hill discovered her love of music by singing in church as a child” (“Hill, Faith”). Other than singing in church,
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She eventually had her own country band at age sixteen (“Faith Hill”). From the beginning, Hill knew what she wanted with her future career, and she did not let anything stop her from getting it.
Hill’s success did not just come over night. She had to work very hard to get where she is today. “Trying to get her career to take off, Hill would sing at Nashville clubs several nights a week” (Hinman 23). One of these nights, however, were different from the others. According to “Hill, Faith,” Hill was singing at a bar in Nashville when a talent scout from Warner/Reprise signed her to the label that night. “Hill recorded her first album, ‘Take Me As I Am,’ in the spring of 1993” (Hinman 25). Her career finally started to kick off after the release of her first album. One major milestone in her career is when she “performed at the Grand Ole Opry for the first time in March of 1993,” which had always been a big dream of hers
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