Faith In A Raisin In The Sun

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A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry represents one of the first books to ever properly illustrate the struggle of black families in the mid 1900’s. It’s realistic depiction of the hope many African Americans had for betterment of their lives through hard work and the discouragement they dealt with daily from the lack of social progress in their communities reoccurs throughout the production through stage movements, and the character’s actions. The author portrays characters with relatable despair and elation, so that viewer feel their trials and triumphs like they were their own. Most importantly, her writing leads readers to question if the system will allow success for the underdogs, and if religious faith means anything. Lena Younger,…show more content…
Ruth’s joy conveys through her response to Lena’s announcement “[building] with momentum as she starts to circle the room with an exuberant, almost tearfully happy release” (Hansberry 95) Suddenly, she finds the will to hope for a better future, to dream of an easier life, to have faith in society again. These stage directions display her unbridled joy at the well-timed blessing given to her family. Her husband Walter, however, has allowed ambition to make him lose faith in everything but the power of money. When his mother invests the insurance money left to her into a new house for the family, he can only see how this will ruin his chance of completing a business deal. Incredulously, he accuses her of “ [butchering] up [his] dream” with little regard to how he felt; full of despair he fails to attend three days of work, claiming that no one can understand him or his vision. ( Hasnberry, 95} In juxtaposition to his wife Ruth, Walter cannot find any happiness for his mother’s investment in a new house. Walter’s desire to achieve his goals blinds him to what may help or hurt his family, only allowing him to see the monetary gain possible from investing in a liquor store. He cannot overcome his skeptic nature enough to believe that his family can acheive contentment without money
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