Faith In Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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By only having faith in God; the source for everything in life good or bad, and nothing else, does this truly and solely ensure that one is protected from all temptations that come with the outside world? In Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne, located in Salem,Massachusetts, Young Goodman Brown is defined by supposably being a good Puritan, which should show his unbending belief in God. However, his religious beliefs are put into question as he is introduced to another world, a world fueled with sin, a public showing of those sins (which Puritans do not believe in) and temptation . Both, Puritan writer Jonathan Edwards, and story author Hawthorne express their unyielding conflicts when it comes to the Puritan faith through…show more content…
They are people who are supposed to believe in God, to do good things, not to anger God, and not to sin. However if they do sin, even the smallest bit, they wind up in hell as a punishment by the hand of God, just like Edwards said in Sinner in the hand of an Angry Gd. Yet what happens? The people of the Salem community are all together at a communion by the devil, to follow his ways, to sin, and to accept that everyone sins. To prove a point that people aren’t who they really are based on outside appearance. Hawthorne portrays the Puritans as hypocrites. Going back on their word to God of keeping the faith and putting all their trust into him so that they won't be tempted to sin. One moment they were all a pious Puritan community together and the next moment they are all worshipping the devil and taking part in a communion taken part just outside their community. They are not as devout as they should be, and their lives are drenched in the lie of an illusion of being good people while deep inside, they don’t keep to the faith they are supposed it. Even Brown who struggled to keep his faith during the communion ended up leaving it after seeing how everything he believed was true turned out to be a
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