Coming Of Age In 'A Prayer For Owen Meany'

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Coming of age is a time when a young adolescent’s life begins; A new chapter in their lives where life will start to become a roller coaster. There will be the ups in their lives and there will be the lows. However, the roller coaster of life will not be the only obstacle that the adolescent will encounter. As problems in the young adult life come and go, the young often pray for everything to go well and when it does they believe faith has taken its course causing the Generation-Z to rely heavily on faith. The book, A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, tells a story of two boys, John Wheelwright and his childhood friend, Owen Meany. Owen is a midget and has a high voice, constantly bullied around with by his fellow students. He is “God's instrument” which greatly directs John’s life between faith and doubt. Owen's life is contemplated as an miracle; he has paranormal visions and outlandish dreams, he can tell the future of his life by knowing when his death nears and offers supernatural and almost unquestionable evidence of God's existence. This will send a message to people today that no matter what setbacks you have in life, it is always important to have faith.…show more content…
Meany hits the ball so perfectly that there is a loud crack in which draws everyone's attention even Johnny’s mother; the ball that Owen hit was later the object that kills Johnny’s mother. Owen’s religious faith and miracles are shown complete with him, considering himself as an instrument of God. He decided to come to this conclusion was because he stated that he was the instrument used to kill John's mother in the freak
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