Faith In Night

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Faithful Where there is death there is destruction, where there is smoke there is night. In Night by Elie Wiesel Eliezer is forced to endure beatings, selections that will determine if he will be alive the next day, separation from his family, and starvation. Eliezer is a young Jewish boy interested in learning kabala, but when he and his family are taken into Nazi captivity, they are forced to defile places of worship and desecrate their faith. It leaves them asking how this could happen to them? Throughout the story, Eliezer looks for someone or something to believe in because he starts to lose faith in God and he tries to use his dad as a remedy. He allows his dad to control the direction of his faith, but through his death, it becomes clear that he can’t live without faith or, humanity. Eliezer’s faith in this story is controlled by his dad. Elizar feels unfaithful to God, and his dad is the closest most available resource so he relies on him to help maintain his faith. In Night there is a chain reaction effect between Eliezer and his father: if Shlomo is…show more content…
Soon, Shlomo is infected with dysentery and developed an immense thirst. One day, he was asking Elizar for some water, but they were not supposed to be talking, so Shlomo received many blows to the head, ultimately killing him. This was devastating to Eliezer, and that incident made him feel as if nothing mattered anymore. Although he did not realize it, he still maintained his faith. Without his faith he would have been dead like Akiba Drumer and Shlomo. His faith, although wavering, stays with him, allowing him to “pass the test”. Even though he tried rebelling against God, he was not successful and was ultimately able to say “On April 5, the wheel of history turned” (Wiesel 113), this was God’s way of telling that he did it, he passed the test. Without his faith he would not have made it through the
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