Faith In The Film Signs By M. Night Shyamalan

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In the film Signs directed by M. Night Shyamalan, challenges the main character Graham, of his faith towards god. Graham changes his faith in god when he loses his wife but throughout the film, God puts a test on Graham to rethink his whole perspective of his faith. The events leading into the possibility of losing another loved one reshapes Graham’s creed. In the beginning of the film, a happy family picture frame is presented. In the picture it shows a father named Graham, his son Morgan, his daughter Bo, and his wife Collen. One problem with the family picture is the happiness that is no longer shared within the family. Colleen dies in a horrific accident that left the family in grief, especially Graham. This loss affected Graham’s fatherly role. Morgan is left to take this role with the help of Uncle Merrill which creates tension between Morgan and Graham. For example, their dog wanted to…show more content…
She expands the collection one morning as she’s watching TV when interrupted by a news broadcast of a story about unnatural lights in the sky. The family decide to take a break from all the news stories and head to town. In town, Merrill is reminded of his old baseball fame of always hitting as hard he could every time he hit the ball which got his the 500 ft. ball record. His talent is put into use once again when the family heads back to come across to a home invasion. The family were hiding in the basement but were forced to come out of hiding when Morgan becomes weak of an asthma attack. An alien had gotten hold of him. Merrill grabs his ball record bat from the wall and uses his years of fame into use to defeat the alien. Bo’s glasses of water sets traps for the alien as he bumps into them, killing itself with the drops of water. Graham picks up Morgan when the alien lets go of him and takes him outside to help him regain life. Graham believes he will lose another loved one but all of sudden Morgan

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