Faith In The Kite Runner

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Sometimes, it is the people who are least expected to fault that betray, and it is the people of the weakest conscience that have the strongest faith. Author Khaled Hosseini portrays this theory not only through the main characters in the story, but also through the supporting characters and their decisions concerning the main characters. In Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, Rahim Khan is resolute to betray Amir in blind loyalty to Baba, ultimately leading to Amir transforming him as a memory of the past; Soraya gives honesty and faith to Amir and becomes a significant part of Amir’s present and future. Rahim Khan betrays Amir to save Baba from the stiff nature of his relationship with Amir. This is seen when Amir wanted Baba to read the story he wrote as a young child; “Baba went on staring me down, and didn’t offer to read….As always, it was Rahim Khan who rescued me” (Hosseini 31). Then, “[Baba] looked relieved as if he too had…show more content…
During his birthday party after the kite competition, Amir remembers Rahim Khan telling him, “‘Did I ever tell you I was almost married once?’” (Hosseini 98). Amir’s reaction was to think, “I’d always thought of [Rahim Khan] as Baba’s quiet alter ego, my writing mentor, my pal….But a husband? A father?” (Hosseini 98). This thought that Rahim Khan could support Baba and Amir but not a family of his own shows that Amir subconsciously does not have all of his faith in him. The fact that Amir was unaware of Rahim Khan’s potential marriage until he was told notes that Rahim Khan may know everything about Amir, but Amir may not know everything about Rahim Khan. This barrier that stops Amir and Rahim Khan from being very close friends is what comes back and makes Rahim Khan appear a stranger, especially in this specific memory, when Amir finds out he was betrayed by

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