Faith In The Middle Ages Essay

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The word faith is defined as “strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof”(Source). Faith is what drives people to live. Faith provides hope for a better life, it produces a reason for the unexplained. Faith is what drove the Middle ages to be the way it was. The middle ages started off as dark and rough, and humanity was losing hope on a positive outcome. However, the lack of hope encouraged people to believe in their church, if they couldn’t believe in anything else. The church granted protection, and peace for the citizens in their current life and the next one. There were bumps and cracks along the road to the end of the middle ages regarding faith, but overall, the middle ages was an age of faith because of the role of the Pope, the overwhelming amount of dedication, and the merging of Europeans. The Pope has always held a huge role in society. However during the middle ages, the role of the Pope was astounding. During the time of the Frankish Kingdom, from 500-814CE, the pope held influence over…show more content…
The influence of the church removed the judgement of nationalities and cultures by making religion a common denominator for all (Anderson). As mentioned before, peace was once a goal set by the church for Europe. They believed by encouraging everyone to be pure, especially by starting very early in a person’s life, peace could be achieved with a lack of violence and wars in the world (DBQ1-4). They figured if they started young, then the infants would grow up in a world full of peace, religion, and taxes, through which they would then be encouraged to spread the same worldly view they grew up with and they would lead lives full of everlasting happiness in the next life (DBQ1-9). The impact the church caused through the unification of Europe can still be seen today, with the high influence of Christianity all over

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