Faith Love Time And D. Lazaro Analysis

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Life is full of struggles and with these we learn how and what to choose either the right or the opposite one. Maybe we can draw a lesson from it which may help us to grow and keep moving in life or it may bring a negative effect on us which may affect our perspective on what is the meaning of life.In the story Faith, Love, Time and Dr. Lazaro which is written by Gregorio C. Brillantes story I was able to witnessed how a doctor dwells on the painful memories of the past. It shows how the main character was lost on his life after all the painful memories of the past. There 's a textual evidence on the first paragraph that shows how oblivious he is on what 's happening around him. He buried himself on veranda of their house viewing the stars, the darkness that surround the country and the glowing lights of the distant high way. Is that the kind he wants to continue on, trying to escape the harsh reality? This is a story of the doctor who is living with full of sorrows, emptiness and hopelessness after losing his faith. Faith is a belief when someone believe in the existence of God. Dr. Lazaro has a strong foundation of faith during his younger years where he still has lot of illusions as explicitly stated in the story. But due to recurring situations (witnessing death) and unwanted incidents, a barrier suddenly build up between him and his old faith. There are several reasons that made him different from what he was on the past and one apparent reason is his continuous

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