Personal Narrative: A Value Of Faith

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My every value stems from the one whom I believe created me from my head to my toes. Having faith in every circumstance is hard when you are placed in a situation where mentioning Jesus could get you in trouble or could make you an outcast.
My story doesn’t begin with me but a little girl 7,676 miles away, and not so much her, but her mother. She was born to a 15-year-old mother in a very poor family in a remote village in Uganda, Africa. Not yet being named, her family found out when she was born that she had a cleft palate and cleft lip. The fate of her newborn baby’s survival and her family and village believing her baby was a demonic spirit, her mom was almost convinced to throw her in the banana field, leaving her to die. Just when all hope seemed lost she heard a voice inside of her to have faith in her God above and stick it out. This inspired her to give her
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I decided for the 2017 Miss Indiana’s Outstanding Teen pageant my platform was going to be “Have Faith”. Everything I did on and off the stage would reflect the same love and kindness the Lord blessed me and my family with when he placed Faith in our home. I would spread my message of having faith in every circumstance because you never know what the Lord will do with it and the creation he can make from it. While I went there hoping to leave as “Miss Indiana’s Outstanding Teen 2017” I knew I had a greater purpose and bigger mission than just a crown. For the first time in my life I was unapologetically myself. I wanted anyone who encountered me to see that I love Jesus and that I loved them. After I found out I hadn’t made it on to the next round I went backstage to find a fourteen-year-old girl sobbing because she knew what I spoke about that whole week was true. She now knew this Jesus guy is who he says he is, and loves her the way she is. How could a week have turned out any
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