Fake Love Drake Analysis

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Music has always been a thorough reflection of the emotional state of a singer. In addition to that, music helps to cover important and often painful topics that are of relevance not only to the author of the song but also to other people. If a song touches on the human life, it is the success of the songwriters. Such songs are often to be found among the rap and hip-hop songs which are covering often brutal topics concerning the life of people in the society. One of the bright representatives of music performers and authors in this sphere is Drake whose songs are always meaningful and raise the topics speaking to many individuals. While hip-hop music helps the authors and performers to be rather direct and to a definite extent even brutal and painfully honest in their works, this is the type of music where the emotions and thoughts can be easily interpreted and understood. This feature can also be applied to one of Drake 's recent songs titled “Fake Love”. The song tells the listeners a story of a person who has achieved success but realizes that there are so many fake friends who are interested in him only…show more content…
To conclude with, the composition “Fake Love” by Drake is a strong and powerful means of delivering the idea about fake friends of a star to the audience. The lyrics are masterfully combined with the hip-hop melody and deliver a clear vision of the topic to the listeners. By appealing to the emotions of the people, showing reference to personal experience, and proving his position, Drake wins the audience and attracts their attention to the topic that is often touched in his songs. Through the use of poetic means in the text of the song, the authors made a reference to the musical style as well as strengthened the overall impression regarding the composition. In overall, “Fake Love” is a thought-provoking song delivering an idea of the complexities of the life of famous people while also depicting the double nature of personalities expressing

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