Fake Smiles By Phora Essay

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There are a lot of people who write quotes, so many people can relate to different quotes. Phora is a rapper and in most of his songs he has inspiring verses that make people think about situations differently. He gives people hope and shares his feeling through rap. He gives people a sound to relate to. One of his quotes from Fake Smiles is, “We hate ourselves because we run from the people we love, and we all hold onto the past cause we miss what it was.” This quote from this song explains how people fake how they feel. They put on a smile and isolate themselves from the ones they love. They say they are okay when truly they are breaking down inside. They fake it. This song has many inspiring and relatable quotes and the whole song is about how some people lose their self because of what this world has become. How fake it is, people change and lose what is real. Another quote from Fake Smiles by Phora is, “All the ones I hope will stay, are all the ones that fade away.” The people that are there for each other with trust and love are sometimes the people who leave and forget. People hurt in different ways and react differently. Some are never healed, but it makes it worse when the important people walk away. Everyone has rough times and drama. That’s just a given. Some people don’t need any more…show more content…
In other words, Things happen, sometimes they get better and everything goes back to how it was but sometimes it changes for good. Some things people can’t control and when things happen, people change. Most of the time it isn’t a good change but it happens. The change leads to pushing people away. Pushing people who care. People go through things very differently and some have the same way to deal with things. They push everyone who cares away. Some people never
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