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My current favorite book is Faking Normal by Courtney Stevens. I personally love it because I can relate to her life struggles personally, and have been in her shoes more than once. I have read the book in one day, six hours to be exact. It is honestly the greatest book I have ever read, and would recommend it to anyone. Though there is some touchy subjects and moments in the book, I would still recommend it. In the book, the main character Alexi has gone thorough a lot. Surviving high school is enough to make one girl go crazy, and yet she has dealt with so much more. Spoiler alert, Alexi was raped, not just by anyone, but by her older sisters fiance. This causes her to constantly scratch the back of her neck as she counts the slits in the air vents. In doing this, she wishes to make the outside hurt more than the inside. She has…show more content…
For example, Bodee just seems like the average boring kid. The loner. As the story goes on, Bodee becomes so much more than just the Kool-aid kid. He becomes a savior and a best friend to Alexi. He is the only person who she feels truly understands her. Another element noticed in Faking Normal is the mood. The mood changes throughout the story quite often. It 's joyful when Alexi 's sister is happy and is engaged to her fiance. It is emotional when Alexi is scratching the back of her neck. Its tense when Bodee is trying to help Alexi, and they go to tell her family what happened. Its romantic when Alexi and Bodee are in the tree house and when he saves her from reliving the summer nightmare. Overall, this is a very amazing story. I love it with my whole heart and never have regretted reading it. It makes me happy to know that i 'm not the only person who has gone through what i went through. Its nice to read stories and see the different perspectives of each person and how they deal with certain things. As i said earlier, I would personally recommend this book for

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