Falco And Frankenstein Comparison Essay

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“Killers are not born, they are made” made from the way they are raised, the way they get treated and their beliefs. Childhood and society create a killer, the killers don't create themselves. Being abandoned, assaulted, and sexually abused are all things most murders go through in their childhood as seen in “Frankenstein” and David Berkowitz lifetime.
June 1, 1953, Richard David Falco was born. Being forced to give up her own child Richard was put into the adoption center and was adopted a few days later by Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz. David was an intelligent and troubled kid growing up. He was quite close to his adoptive mother and deeply affected by her death when he was a teenager. After she died, it was rough for him as he joined the army and after leaving the service he began working in a post office where co-workers called him a loner and awkward person. No one knew just how lethal he was though. As so in Frankenstein when Victor created the creature he had not known what he got himself into. The creature was abandoned and had to self-teach himself how to do things. “He does acquire human characteristics, even compassion for his
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David said he did not feel like he murdered anyone, instead, he was simply “a soldier on a mission” and went out to kill. He was convinced that Satan would set him free of his emotional pain and loneliness through the act of murder. David was interviewed in prison and was asked why he did it, he responded: “ I was once an evil person”. The monster faces rejection and fear from his creator and society. Being pushed aside and treated like a monster instead of a human like he wanted he raged and sought revenge on Victor.
The act of a killer is not at fault because of birth and he was meant to be. The actions of a killer are because of how he/she were raised and treated. Killers can be stopped before they even begin to think about murder. “Killer’s are not born, they are
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