Fall Break Case Study

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I have a few questions/ concerns regarding the obligations of STCC faculty who teach sections with SECHS students. This semester, Ms. Lapetria Rhoe is teaching said classes. There appears to be some confusion as to what the extent of her obligations to the high school are. It is my understanding that Ms. Rhoe is hired expressly by the college not the high school. The high school students are taking college courses, and LaPetria 's only responsibility to the high school is to teach their students. The impetus for this email is a recent conversation that I had with Ms. Rhoe where she expressed to me that in addition to the six courses that I assigned her to, she is also teaching an Academic Advisory class for SECHS which meets Monday through Thursday for 30 minutes each session. That amounts to 2.0 hours of uncompensated instruction per week. Evidently all of the high school 's "regular" teachers are charged with this duty. I told her that again, she was hired by STCC not SECHS, and should not be required to perform any additional duties for the high school especially without compensation. Was I mistaken in my assumption and advice?…show more content…
One other issue regarding this that needs clarifying is the matter of Fall Break. I was informed that the high school 's Fall Break is next week. Therefore their classes will not meet all of next week. The college 's Fall Break is October 16-17. Our classes are cancelled those two days. As a faculty member hired by the college, when does Ms. Rhoe take her Fall Break? Should she cancel classes on October

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