Personal Narrative: I Fall In Love At A Young Age

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One personal thing about me is that I fell in love at a young age. People always say that it is impossible to fall in love at a young age, but that's not true. I met a young man and we went on dates, and got really serious. We dated for about two years, and we started to argue almost everyday. He told me harsh things and I still ran back to him, because I thought things would work. He stopped contacting me, and I was miserable as ever but I realized that I don't need anyone to make me happy. You don't need all the stress, especially if your'e young.

This is a little personal, I use to live with my grandma until I was 9 and moved in with my mom and had to adjust to her. It was hard and weird, I looked at my grandma as a mom. When I moved
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So hours and hours passed by and a lot of peopled were still outside waiting, so everyone gave up and we had our own little party outside the building. Me, and my cousin India were mad that we bought bands and still didn't get in but we still had us a little fun. When it was time to go, everyone from the party came and bragged about how lit it was. Everyone waiting for their rides to come, and we heard gun shots and ran. I was screaming my cousins name, because we ran separate ways. The gun shots stopped, and we noticed that nobody didn't get shot. We found out that people were mad that they didn't get in so they shot at the building. That was so terrifying, that's why people have to be careful.

Something else that's personal is that I like to run, and I can run really fast but I have arthritis so my legs cramp up a lot. I want to run track soon, I will try it out and if my legs start to act badly I will have to quit. That's the bad thing about it, it's crazy how I love running but have arthritis. Most people who have bad arthritis hates running, but i'm different from everyone else. It sucks having arthritis, because when it gets cold my feet and legs starts to cramp. Heating pads help a lot, I think I have it bad now but wait until i'm

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