Fall Of Roman Empire Essay

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The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire, the most dominant force of the world in its time, this empire was the most powerful economic, cultural, political and military force. But like all strong empire it finally fell. There were many main important reason. And that the Roman Empire fell. Some of the reason are, that the Romans was suffered by consistent attacks, had endured civil wars, had corruption in government, a change in religion and leader who did not make decisions for the better. The fall of this dominate force shock the world in the time and led to a period called the dark ages.

A main person that has a huge impact in the fall of Rome was Diocletian. Even though Diocletian ruled over a hundred years before the fall of Rome he still had a huge impact on its fall. Diocletian caused Rome to split in two and in doing so had to create a bigger military this costs a lot of money, and therefore taxes had to be raised, this caused inflation, then that caused prices to go up. This all resulted in Diocletian to be hated. Later, according to Diocletian tried to fix his mistakes by re-establishing a system calling tetrarchy,
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The fall of Rome resulted in the death of literacy, sophisticated architecture, education, advanced economic interaction and written rule of law according to Due to the Romans being the main readers and writers of the time, they were mostly writing down the events of the time, but when they fell the time became known as the dark ages because not much was record at the time. Also when the Roman Empire fell it left majority of Europe up for grabs and all surrounding countries were fighting for land. When the Roman Empire fell it left a gab in history that no one of the time could
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