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What was the cause for the Fall of Rome? When an empire falls, there was more than one cause. Despite its successful start as a thriving empire, Rome's fall was due to a number of events. Events such as, foreign invasions, military problems, and most importantly, legal injustice. Rome had begun in 750 BCE, as a peaceful, thriving settlement, until their government turned from a Republic into a dictatorship. Then, political strain started occurring in the heart of Rome. Roman leaders started focusing on using force instead of compromise to overtake land. Rome had started to get lazy, and was open for attack. Outside invaders infiltrated Rome, not completely destroying the empire, but destroying the city and heart of Rome. Foreign invasions was one of the main causes of…show more content…
Foreign invaders, such as the Visigoths and Ostrogoths wanted to conquer Rome. Rome’s first mistake was inviting these enemies into their territory. Evidence from a map of the Foreign invasions of Rome show evidence on not an invasion, but a migration (Document C.) So, when other Germanic tribes decided to invade, they could have allies on the inside. One of Rome’s enemies, the Huns were a ruthless group. In Document D, stated is “Fired with an overwhelming desire for seizing the property of others, these swift moving and ungovernable people make their destructive way amid the pillage and slaughter of those who live around them.” This piece of evidence shows how savage Rome’s enemies were. The Huns were ruthless and unforgiving, so when Rome invited some Germanic tribes into their territory they showed other Germanic tribes that they were weak and easy to overcome. A different kind of

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