Why Did Rome Fall Essay

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How did Rome come from a scattered group of people to a huge empire and how did it have fall Body: Rome rose form a scattered group of people to a successful republic but how did they do it? well they began by overthrowing the Etruscan King The transition from the Etruscan monarchy to republic (510-509 BC) was not a easy change. In place of the King, the new Republic relied upon its Senate to oversee the government and the election of various officials, including two shared power Consuls. This transformation from monarchy to representative style government, headed by the elite social class, would prove to have troubles of its own. http://www.unrv.com/empire/birth-of-the-roman-republic.php In order to be a part of the senate you would have to be very rich and have respectable sources. Plebeians were the lower of the…show more content…
Invasion of Barbarians, Economic troubles and over reliance on slave labor, the rise of the eastern empire, overexpansion and military overspending, Government corruption and political instability, The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes, Christianity and the loss of traditional values. Weakening of the Roman legions, and lead poisoning which is what I think happened because there has been so much proof they had lead pipes which funneled their water, they had lead cups which, and with that much lead they got very sick and had mental diseases and that is one of the reasons it fell but I believe there was one other factor that helped make the Roman empire collapse and that is government corruption because their was so many corrupt king one of them liked to dine with his favorite horse in fancy restaurants, and liked watching mass murders in the colosseum and he later was killed, one of them was greedy and that was the reason the economy fell and it later destroyed itself and those were in my opinion why the Roman empire
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