Fall Reflection Essay

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In class we talked about different study methods, my plan is to utilize them when fall comes. Currently I have no classes to study for, only papers to write and articles to read. In the fall, however, I will definitely apply these study methods. The most important one, I thought, was writing notes longhand. I never owned a laptop throughout highschool, so I always took notes on paper anyhow. My plan was to start typing notes in college, after LSC 101, I have decided to continue my practice of taking notes by hand. Remembering the material I learn is the most important thing in most classes.
In addition to remembering material, I will learn to think critically in college. Critical thinking is like a muscle, you have to work it out over and over before it gets strong. Passively learning the material will only get you so far, as we have discussed in LSC 101. I need to make sure that I am actively engaging in the classroom, this will allow me to flex my critical thinking muscle on a daily basis.
Besides not actively engaging in most of my classes in highschool, I could get away with writing papers the night before and not studying at all for math tests, that is a bad habit I need to drop. When I look at it now, I can see that it was because of a lack of pressure. In pre-calculus, for example, I studied about 30 minutes every
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Outside the classroom I want to be able to do more fun things, like go on long backpacking trips or mountain biking trips. Inside the classroom I want to be healthy because it will allow me think clearly. I have actually already have started a daily gym routine consisting of lifting weights and running. I have never stepped inside a gym until I came to summer start, now I go everyday. I have kept it up so far, my goal is to keep on track while in school. Being fit will help me achieve my goals as shown in LSC
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