Fallacies In Catch 22 Essay

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Catch-22 is one of the most bizarre symbols of the book representing the fallacies of the bureaucracy. It is a situation in which one cannot escape due to circular logic. Catch-22 is a combination of words that are made to benefit those in power and force those who are incapable of navigating through the logical fallacies of the war. Those that are not in power are forced to obey what higher authority without question. Near the beginning of Yossarian’s chronology, he is still obedient of the law because it overrides any arguments that may arise. It is later in his life that he understands the logical fallacies of Catch-22, and understands that while it has logical surface, on its own it is completely irrational. (Krawczyk 9) Yossarian’s frustration with Catch-22 leads him to continuously consider the corruption of the bureaucracy. Corruption is when military authority begins to value their own ranking more than the lives of their subordinates. Yossarian’s hatred of his commanding officers accentuates the corruption of the military because he is able to see how they make use of Catch-22 to reach all of their goals. For example, when Yossarian asks to be grounded, Doc…show more content…
Heller, however, uses an anti-hero. Yossarian is a character that is quite dislikeable because of his desire for self-preservation, but he shows significant growth throughout the story. He prioritizes his life, but also feels a deep regard for his friends. To understand the themes of Catch-22, it is crucial to understand Yossarian’s character and actions. His actions and feelings ultimately demonstrate identity, guilt, absurdity, isolation, communication, and fear. In addition to satirizing war, Catch-22 can be applied to the world to any closed logic loop. Catch-22, written by, Joseph Heller, captures the logical fallacies that exist in the world, and demonstrate them in a witty
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