Fallacy In The Giver

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(MIP) In the book The Giver, my meme is about how people are being released and replaced and why it's wrong.(SIP A) They do not realize this in their society this is wrong they have believed for centuries this is normal.(STEWE 1) In their thoughts it's just another rule to keep the society in check.”Normally such a new child would be labeled inadequate and released from the community”(42). This is showing how they treat the releasings so lightly and as an often event.(STEWE 2) They believe that the releasing is just a place going elsewhere and do not think any wrong of it. “If you don't fit in, you can apply for Elsewhere and be released”(48). They treat the releasing in a jokingly manner as if it is not a big deal.(SIP B) Also once people are released there is another baby born and renamed as if they were the person being released, acting like it never happened.(STEWE 1) When a young boy named Caleb went missing in a river and drowned, they had another child and renamed it Caleb. “This new Caleb was a replacement child”(44). It is wrong to be replacing people…show more content…
My logical fallacy is to try and appeal to the reader's emotion and get them to feel sympathy or empathy for them.(Appeal to emotion) In this specific situation I show an example to the reader about how they would feel if a family member, or someone close to them had died and just been replaced. This is making people think that they can understand where replacing close friends or family is coming from and how different it is for the people in this society. My method of persuasion is logos, this is shown in my meme by developing a sense that this is not a typical thing for most people. When it says “keep it original” This is to make anyone reading think about how this wouldn't make sense in their everyday life. These acts in my meme try to make the reader stop and think it through, or in some way make a connection to how they would feel about
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