Falling Down Analysis

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“Falling Down” it a great film because it illuminates many issues society struggles to manage, like mental health and the American dream. All the elements in the film worked together to effectively deliver the message. It arises awareness regarding mental health issues evolving in our society. The film made me mostly feel angry because of Bills irrational behavior. All the events taken place in this film are all plausible. For instance, Bill being a missed target for the drive by shooters, murder, domestic violence, and unemployment are all common issues people do face in various communities.
The actors performed an outstanding job in acting out the characters from the film. Everyone 's roles were extremely believable, especially Bill, played
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Majority of this film is related to modern life. It goes on to show how mental health is an serious and a compelling issue. Throughout the film one will recognize that the way Bill reacts is different from how everyone else around him would react in similar situations. His reactions get him into bigger troubles as the film continues leading to his death. Furthermore, it goes on to reveal that the American Dream is not what everyone expects it to be. The American dream is not fair to many individuals like Bill. For instance in the film, Bill built missiles for the American Army to protect and defend the nation but yet is “economically not viable” and is unemployed, whereas, a plastic surgeon who performs cosmetic procedures lives a lavish lifestyle. This illuminates that the American dream is in favor of things of what the population and the media enjoys. There is a strong connection between the film and the real world, both relates how unfairly society functions…show more content…
I just hated Bill, I did not like how he reacted in various situations throughout the film. He created bigger obstacles for himself with the choices he makes, like beating up a gang member, killing the nazi supporter in his shop, and then shooting a officer. If he had made right decisions from the very beginning he would have never gotten killed. Overall I thought Bill was just a creepy and an insane guy. He had extreme metal issues, however, at the same time I also felt sorrow for him because his mental health issues is what lead him to destroy his relationship with his family, especially from his daughter, who he greatly loved. He should have gotten help from the very beginning. It is almost like it is his fault for not seeking help for his condition at least for his family. The story got creepy when Bill called his ex-wife Beth and said he was coming to basically kill her because she was disrespecting him for not allowing him to attend his daughter’s birthday party. It almost felt as if Bill was isolated from society. I just felt sad for Beth for having to deal with her crazy ex-husband and the cops were not sympathetic or understanding of her situation, if only they had taken action in the very beginning such chaos would have not
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