Falling Down: A Great Movie Review: Falling Down

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“Falling Down” it a great film because it illuminates many issues society struggles to manage, like mental health and the American dream. All the elements in the film worked together to effectively deliver the message. It arises awareness regarding mental health issues evolving in our society. The film made me mostly feel angry because of Bills irrational behavior. All the events taken place in this film are all plausible. For instance, Bill being a missed target for the drive by shooters, murder, domestic violence, and unemployment are all common issues people do face in various communities. The actors performed an outstanding job in acting out the characters from the film. Everyone 's roles were extremely believable, especially Bill, played by Michael Douglas. Michael Douglas played the character so well that it made it seemed like the character was his true self. The acting was one of the elements that kept me engaged in the film. I am amazed how everyone was able to perform their roles so well. It made me feel like I was in the film following Bill around on his expedition. Not for a second did I feel like I was watching a film because the characters in the film greatly resemble people in the actual world. All the events taken place in the film had relations to what society experiences on a daily basis, such as unfairness and cruelty. It felt too real. The costumes of the characters were nothing fancy, they were simple and went well with the storyline. Their costumes

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