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Michelle Ray’s Falling for Hamlet is truly a masterpiece which brings the readers to the variety of emotion as we read it. Michelle retains the name of the characters form Shakespeare’s hamlet, but few of them doesn’t have the same characterization: Fortinbras from being a prince of Norway who’s seeking revenge for his father, becomes the head of DDI. Horatio, remained his faithful best friend and schoolmate but he is not a guard in Michelle’s book, and it is his parents who work for the royal family, not him. Ophellia, like in Hamlet, his lover, she was quite popular in the tv and magazine because of her involvement with the royal family (quite a celebrity eh?) but didn’t die at the end, instead, she faked her death, with the help of Horatio and Marcellus, and they told the royal family that she drowned in the river. Gertrude, still remained as the queen of Denmark, but she’s quite a shopaholic in the story, she manipulates Ophellia with her power. King…show more content…
However, most of scenes were absolutely similar to the original story. But this novel of Michelle Ray caught the attention of the young generation because of idea in shifting the story into contemporary act. She set the story into modern times and the characters were young at age. Honestly speaking, there were actually no big differences matching up to the play of William Shakespeare and Michelle Ray, it is just that only the setting that comes differently and she also imparted some modern characters that can add flavour to the story and make some twist out of it. What I like about her novel is that she made me fall in love to Hamlet. She was able to give the clearer picture of the characters and why you should fall in love with them. Her novel was able to relate the 21st century readers as she make the story in a modern setting, where I believe would click to teenagers

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