Falling For The Devil In John Milton's Paradise Lost

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ENG 361 Professor Prescott March 29, 2018 Falling for the Devil John Milton wrote one of the greatest epic poems of all time when he wrote Paradise Lost. The book portrays the story of man’s creation and fall while detailing the characters and plot beyond what the Bible teaches. When reading Milton’s poems, one must determine which character is the hero of the epic poem. One of the most controversial characters within the story is Satan. When thinking of a hero, the reader would normally presume the Messiah as the hero, or Adam, or perhaps even Eve. However, Satan’s character is such a dynamic and complicated one that it is compelling not to ask; can Satan somehow be a hero too? This one topic has been debated for hundreds of years. While he does possess an obsessive thirst for vengeance and havoc, Satan is also the most likeable character in the poem. The poem’s intense focus on his nature presents a psychological profile of a being with a conflictive personality. Though Satan is described by some as the hero of Paradise Lost, two factors argue against Satan as the hero. The first is Milton’s description of him in Book 1, which shows us that although he has brilliant qualities, his spirit and heart are set on purposefully doing harm and leading others astray from the way of God. The second is that although it is only lightly hinted at in the early books, The Son of God enters the plot later and is the true hero. In this essay, I will further analyze the personality and
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